2003 FOALS
    WILDCARD/L'IMAGE - "Wintergreen" Exquisite filly born April 13, 2003.  Dark
    bay with a pretty star and 4 white socks.  Wildcard is an imported stallion who scored a
    perfect 10 on his trot and 9's on canter and rideability.  He sold for DM 650,000 as a 3
    year old in Germany.  This filly's dam is an extremely athletic and talented dressage
    horse.  Wintergreen already shows light, uphill movement and should mature around
    16.1-16.2.  She is the type of horse that bonds strongly to her handler and adores
    people. Certificate of Pedigree with the AHS.  SOLD - Congratulations Becky.

    DIAMOND HIT / D'LADY -  "Divine Hit" Stunning colt born May 8, 2003.  This
    amazing colt is chestnut, with a blaze, white lower lip/chin, 4 stockings and a belly
    spot.  Tall, leggy, elegant colt, with an exquisite neck and head.  He already has
    outrageous movement that is extremely light and uphill.    One of the few Diamond Hit
    foals born in the US this year.  Diamond Hit (Don Schufro/Ramino) is a phenomenal
    young stallion, who was 2001&2002 federal vice champion in Germany and in 2002
    was vice world young horse dressage champion, with an overall score of 9.8.  SOLD as
    a stallion prospect to England!! - Congratulations Sarah.

    WELSER/SPS WARKONDA - "Wixen FH" Georgous blood bay filly born May 28th
    by Welser (Wolkenstein II/Lanthan) out of an SPS Warkant/Werther mare.  Warkant
    was stallion of the year last year in Germany.  Welser was 2nd in his 100 day testing
    (behind Rotspon) and scored a perfect 10 on canter and 9's on trot and rideability.  This
    filly has 3 very lofty, expressive gaits and tons of presence. She seems to have inherited
    her mother's powerful dressage ability, with a bit of refinement thrown in from the sire.
    SOLD - Congratulations Joy.

    DIAMOND HIT/LESANDRA - "D'lorienne" Super fancy filly born July 10th (3 days
    AFTER her inspection). She is dark bay with a pretty blaze and no other white.  Tall,
    long legs, gorgeous head and neck, and the most amazing UPHILL movement you have
    ever seen in a foal.  I am extremely pleased with the quality of this filly - she moves just
    like Diamond Hit! She has that spark that makes her stand out in a crowd! They don't
    come any friendlier than this filly. SOLD - Congratulations Heather.
    Update: D'lorienne is now Elite Eligible.
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