2013 FOALS
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    BENETTON DREAM / SANGRITA -  "Bonaire FH" Very large, friendly and bouncy
    filly out of our super producing Stedinger mare.  She is a full sibling to Brulee FH,
    born in 2011.  This filly has absolutely outrageous movement and may be our fanciest
    moving foal we have had to date.  Very sadly, we lost her at about 3 months old after
    she ingested something which caused an obstruction in her intestines.

    HOTLINE / EM KOLIBRI - "Hyperion FH" Beautiful, correct bay colt who
    strongly resembles Caprimond in his looks.  He has an especially beautiful head, which
    is not always the case with the Hotlines.  He is compact, refined, leggy and elegant
    with a lot of character.  SOLD - Congratulations PJ.

    HOTLINE / EM SAFIRA - "Havannah FH" Another lovely foal from Hotline.  
    We are very pleased with the quality and beauty that we got from our first two
    breedings to him.  This filly is black-bay with almost no white and is freindly and
    curious.  She was named Champion filly at her inspection and was given an "Excellent"
    rating in all categories.  Her elegance and elasticity were high praised.  She is for sale.
    See her ad at: http://www.warmblood-sales.com/HorseDetail.asp?

    ROMANOV / EM DEL AMIKA - "Rotdiamant FH" Del's first chestnut foal!  Every
    single foal we have had by Romanov has had a superb temperament and this colt is no
    exception.  He is just a gem to deal with!  He is a full sibling to our very special Rialto
    FH and hopefully he will be just as nice.  He has the same lovely hind end that Del puts
    on all her foals.  He was named Champion colt at his inspection and his uphill
    movement and quality hind leg were praised.  SOLD - Congratulations Gail.

    ROYAL CLASSIC / D'LORIENNE - "Royal Celeste FH" Drop dead gorgeous
    dark bay filly with a blaze, 4 white socks and a beautiful dished face.  We liked her so
    much that we immediately bred her mother back to Royal Classic for 2014.  She has
    an exceptionally free shoulder with uphill movement.  We have decided to keep her for
    our broodmare band.